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3 Plumbing Problems You Should Never DIY

3 Plumbing Problems You Should Never DIY

As a responsible homeowner, you’re required to perform certain DIY plumbing repairs like the occasional clogged drain, toilet plug, or leaking faucet. These simple projects can be accomplished in just a few hours and don’t really need technical skills.

Don’t worry–we will not tell you to stop trying to replace your own faucets or plunge your own toilets. Plumbing jobs like that are not only easy to do but also rewarding to complete by yourself. However, there are dangerous plumbing tasks that are better left to the professionals. Some of them are the following:


Think about it–do you really want to try to fix sewage problems on your own? Aside from being messier, sewage issues are much smellier than most plumbing problems you’re used to solving by yourself. It’s also worth noting that the right expertise is required to solve such issues.

When your sewage system is leaking or blocked, the flow of sewage from your house is affected. This poses a health issue for you and the rest of your family members, because a blockage can cause sewage to flow back up the pipes and into your home.

Take note that there are many sewage problems that are covered by your council. A licensed plumber can identify whether the sewage problem is within your home, or in a municipally-owned system.

2. Replacement of Pipes

3 Plumbing Problems You Should Never DIY1Pipe replacement is not as easy as it seems. Most of the time, you need to remove more piping than you would think. It’s also important to get the right shape, width, size, and shape, not to mention the right material. Even the smallest accidents can damage the pipe you paid for, so a certain level of expertise is needed to avoid those mistakes.

There are instances when you will be required to weld, which means you need to have specialized skills and equipment. The worst part of all is, if anything goes wrong at any point in the process, you’ll have to start over.

Excellent plumbers make sure you end up with the best results at the lowest cost. They will remove as little as they can and replace parts using the optimal materials. This way, the rest of the system works well with the new component.

3. Expanding or Moving Plumbing System

Are you considering expanding your system or simply moving pipes? Then you should consult skilled professionals. You may need a permit to start work, and a licensed plumber can do that for you.

Because licensed plumbers are well-trained and know the code requirements, you can be sure that any work done will be within regulations. You’ll also be granted the peace of mind of knowing your home and family are safe.

When undertaking plumbing repairs on your own, you sometimes increase the risk of worsening the problem and causing more damage. If you’re not an expert plumber or experienced in a specific job, we suggest you let the professionals do what they’re good at. This ensures high-quality work and safety in your home.

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