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How Do I Patch a Leaky Pipe While Waiting for an Emergency Plumber

How Do I Patch a Leaky Pipe While Waiting for an Emergency Plumber?

In a plumbing emergency, every second counts. A pipe that suddenly bursts can flood a home in a matter of minutes, causing significant damage to your appliances, furniture, and other valuable. That’s why it’s essential for every homeowner to have some sort of quick-fix plumbing plan in order to manage—and minimize—any kind of damage until an emergency plumber arrives on the scene.

While waiting for a professional to repair your leaky pipes, there are some simple methods you can do to mitigate the problem. Below are some stopgap measures to contain the issue until an emergency plumber can inspect the situation:


Before making any major fixes, you need to turn off the water supply valve for the specific pipe that burst. If you are not sure which one it is, you can always go directly to the main valve and turn that off until the emergency plumber arrives.

2. Clean up the surrounding area

How Do I Patch a Leaky Pipe While Waiting for an Emergency Plumber1

Once the water stops, your next move should be to clean up the surrounding area. Wipe off the leaky pipe and clean the surrounding fixtures and cabinets that got wet. Mop up your floor and move any items that should not get wet during the repair process.

3. Prepare the leaky pipe.

Before applying a temporary patch to your leaking pipe, you need to properly prepare the problem area. Use a rough sandpaper to smooth out the pipe’s surface and make sure there’s no rust, rough edges, or limescale. By doing this, your patch will be more effective and will stand a better chance of holding up against the water flow in case you need to turn the main water supply back on before the emergency plumber arrives.

4. Use water pipe epoxy and carefully seal the leaks

For the homeowners who are more hands-on and not afraid of more extensive stopgap measures, you can choose to seal the pipes while waiting for the plumber. The easiest way to seal a pipe would be by using plumber’s epoxy, which can be purchased at your local hardware.

Simply prepare an adequate amount of epoxy and mix it according to the manufacturer’s instructions before you apply to the surface. Be sure to shape the mixture of epoxy in order to cover the whole gap in your pipe. Smooth out the edges and let it dry.

The steps above can be effective fixes for minor leaks. However, as you can guess, they’re merely bandaid solutions. The leak may be temporarily fixed, but the underlying cause of the issue may manifest in a different area of your plumbing system.

Which is why we highly recommend that you always call an emergency plumber to avoid further complications down the road. Don’t hesitate to leave the job to trained professionals who can help you fix and maintain your plumbing system.

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Every homeowner must know how to temporarily stop leaky pipes to avoid serious damage inside their home. Do you need a local emergency plumber to fix your pipes or simply conduct a routine inspection? You can always depend on our team of experts for your plumbing needs. Contact us now to set an appointment.

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