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six water heaters of different sizes arranged in a formation.


Advanced Plumbing and Rooter Service provides water heater repair, replacement and installation, so that you won’t have to spend a day without hot water ever again! Most homeowners take their hot water systems for granted—up until the systems fail, leaving them with nothing but cold water. To fix this immediately, call our expert technicians at Advanced Plumbing and Rooter Service. They will diagnose and correct the problem ASAP.

technician working on a water heater meter

Common Issues

  • No hot water – Whether you have low pressure for your hot water, cold water instead of hot, or no water at all, this is one of the most common problems with water heaters. Our experienced technicians will quickly identify the cause of the problem and recommend the best solution to get your hot water back.
  • Rust colored hot water – If you notice your hot water faucet is producing a rust colored liquid you need to act fast, as this can be a sign of a serious problem that often requires total system replacement. Call Advanced Plumbing and Rooter Service as soon as possible to pinpoint the cause and correct the issue.
  • Decreased Efficiency – If you’ve noticed your hot water system is not performing as well as it used to or your energy consumption has gone up, it could be a sign that your system is just too old. Our technicians can assess the age and performance of your system and provide a water heater replacement if necessary.

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