In Liberty Hill, TX



An undetected leak may be the culprit behind the sudden spike in your water bill. Obviously letting it go untreated is a waste of finances and resources. But if you can’t pinpoint it, how do you go about stopping it?

Advanced Plumbing and Rooter Service offers professional Leak Detection—a step-by-step systematic process of finding a leak by narrowing the options down to one or two possible locations. This is done by isolating the various systems that use water on a given property until the source is finally located.

If all else fails, our team will enlist the use of state-of-the-art listening devices that are capable of detecting sound below concrete slabs of the property’s foundation. We also use infrared cameras capable of seeing hot water leaks underground via thermal vision.


If the leak is found in or below the concrete foundation, it is referred to as a Slab Leak. At Advanced Plumbing and Rooter Service, we deal with this by rerouting the plumbing rather than breaking the slab to fix the pipe.

Here’s why:

  1. Less Casualties. There is no need to tear up wooden planks, carpet, or tiled floors just to expose the concrete for breaking.
  2. Less Mess. No jackhammering means less dust and debris polluting your home.
  3. Not a Construction Site. Breaking concrete slabs requires extensive procedures and heavy equipment, essentially turning the inside of your home into a construction zone. No one wants that.
  4. Little to No Foundational Risks. After a slab has been broken and then reformed, its stability has been compromised. It is now at risk of moving or breaking apart, causing potentially minor or major foundation issues.

Rerouting a plumbing line is fast, safe, easy, and minimally invasive compared to breaking a concrete slab. There are less risks, less mess, and less heavy equipment involved. What’s more, it does not pose the same intensity of foundational risk that breaking a concrete slab does.