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Water Heater Repair Tips 4 Signs It's Time to Call a Professional

Water Heater Repair Tips: 4 Signs It’s Time to Call a Professional

Many homeowners are not aware that their water heater is failing or approaching the end of its lifespan. We don’t often check our water heater unless it suddenly produces cold water. Regardless of your reason for not checking the heater, a failing unit is never fun. It can even lead to a bigger problem if you choose to ignore any of the tell-tale signs.

If you notice any of these four symptoms, it’s time to call an expert professional for water heater repair.

1. Low Pressure

Mineral deposits can lead to a lot of problems in your water heater. Aside from making your unit inefficient, it can build up and block pipes. This reduces the water pressure that’s coming out of your heater. Other issues that may cause reduced water heater pressure include poor design and damaged distribution lines.

2. Weird Sounds

It’s normal to hear a little noise from your water heater because it’s a major appliance in your home. But if you start to hear banging, cracking, or popping sounds from the unit, be sure to call a repairman to inspect your heater. Built-up mineral deposits can make the appliance overheat because it works harder to keep your water hot. If you don’t see any leaks from the tank, a thorough cleaning might do the trick.

Learn more about weird plumbing sounds and what they mean here!

3. Murky Water

Water Heater Repair Tips 4 Signs It's Time to Call a Professional1Check for cloudy water coming from the heater. Do you smell a metallic scent from your tap? Murky water and an unusual smelling-water are signs of a failing water heater. Mineral deposits can make their way out of the heater, which could cloud up the hot water from your faucet.

This problem can be accompanied by a metallic odor or taste. Because the mineral deposits affect your tap, it can also disrupt the normal flow of water. Meanwhile, reddish or cloudy orange color of water can be a sign of a rusty water heater or house pipes.

4. Insufficient Hot Water

During normal use, a water heater that’s failing will either produce lukewarm water or insufficient amount of hot water. To give you an idea, a 40 or 50-gallon water heater should not have any difficulty supplying at least 2 to 3 showers.

Once there is a build-up of sediment, your tank’s heating element will need to work harder than usual. This can lead to a broken or leaking water heater. What’s worse is you might have a costly water bill because of the potential leak.

Advanced Plumbing and Rooter Service is the company you can trust when it comes to water heater repair or replacement in the Liberty Hill, TX area. We have a team of skilled plumbers who can provide you with the professional service you need. In case you need a new water heater, our experts will help you determine the most ideal heater for your home that’s within your budget.

Because there’s a wide range of water heaters on the market, our plumbers are trained to handle different types of makes and models. Have any water heater repair concerns? Don’t hesitate to call us today to get an estimate.

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